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Henry Fiats Open Sore - Mondo Blotto (CD)

Image of Henry Fiats Open Sore - Mondo Blotto (CD)


100 % in your face mongo-punk, that makes every limb on your body start shaking! 'Mondo Blotto' is the first album in over five years from the masked men behind Henry Fiats Open Sore. Twenty songs that can start a mosh pit on any street at anytime. M-m-m-m-m-m-m, I rock!

1. The Knuckledraggin Neanderthal In Me
2. I Rock
3. Quality Time With Dad
4. Keep Your Unit Trim
5. Ask Me (I Know Everything)
6. Faster Phil Spector Kill Kill
7. Fake I.d.
8. 3rd Finger
9. No Empathy
10. Death To False Mongos
11. From Now On I'm Gonna Think About Me
12. Cocaine
13. Me Tarzan, You Korak
14. I Demand A Refund
15. Intelligent Design
16. I Love My Voice
17. Manual Labour - Miminal Wage
18. Bag In Box
19. P.s. Send More Ammo
20. Mondo Blotto

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