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Blisterhead - Under the city lights (CD)

Image of Blisterhead - Under the city lights (CD)


Raw and energetic punk-rock from Sweden! Blisterheads album 'Under The City Light' contais thirteen songs of anger, hate, love and passion - all presented in a fast and catchy format. Fans of Rancid, The Clash and Bad Religion will not be disapointed. A great record, sure to be a future classic.

1. Cold Hearted Girl
2. Devotion
3. Falling
4. Ain't Looking For Love
5. Never, Never
6. I Got Bored
7. By Your Side
8. Lies, Lies, Lies
9. Dead In America
10. Down On My Knees
11. My Opinion
12. Social Misfit
13. Different Worlds

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