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Alex Face - Smell like a woman (CD)

Image of Alex Face - Smell like a woman (CD)

8.00 - On Sale

This is the first album by Alex Face, and with out a doubt one of the grooviest records that has ever come out of Sweden. Imagine Bo Diddley rocking out with the Stones, while Iggy & The Stooges tear it up with The Cramps. Mmmm.. smells like a woman!

1. Out In The Rain
2. I Can Feel It Comming
3. Smell Like A Woman
4. Bend My Head
5. Tonight
6. My Handwriting
7. Nighttime
8. Black Silver Lightning
9. Rolling
10. Green Family
11. From Heaven To Hell
12. Gold
13. Pussy
14. Two Miles A Hour
15. Slide